Insights, in the UserBit world are to-the-point actionable findings that come out of your research. They could represent a feature request priority, a hidden pain point that comes out of interviews, or in general anything that you want to bubble up from your research.

In most research projects, insight nuggets are what you want to present to your stakeholders.

At UserBit, we recognize that insights don't have one specific source during research. They can be extracted out of synthesized data, a specific interview, or even analytics. Therefore, we've provided you the ability to generate insight with information from various parts of your research project:

Insights on UserBit

Customer quotes

save highlights as insights on UserBit
Add insight directly from highlights

A particularly important highlighted text can directly be saved as an insight. Click on a tag to reveal all text tagged with it. From the highlight card, you can click on the star to save it as an insight.

quote insight on UserBit
Quote insight


Add a tag as an insight on UserBit
Add a tag as an insight on UserBit

A tag itself can be important actionable insight. It contains all the relevant text from interviews, notes etc, so it makes sense to have the ability to add a tag as an insight.

tag insight on UserBit
Tag insight shows all quotes that are tagged with it.

Note: In addition to creating insights directly from tags, supporting tags can also be added to any insight created on UserBit.


analytics insight on UserBit
Analytics insight

Sometimes as we're filtering and sorting through analytics, we uncover a chart that is really valuable. It only makes sense then to be able to save that chart as part of a shareable insight. You can do so by clicking "Add as Insight" button on top of the chart.

Analytics insight on UserBit
Exportable analytics insight 


Word-clouds from cross-analysis of interview responses can be added to insight cards as well.

Add word clouds to your insight cards on UserBit
Add word clouds to your insight cards on UserBit

Generic Insight

We also recognize that not all insights will be generated on the platform. Generic insights give you the ability to create custom insights, add images

Add a generic insight on UserBit
Add a generic insight on UserBit

Here, you can add:

  • Insight main content in formatted text
  • A custom image
  • or a set of tags

Presenting Insights

Creating and organizing insights in a project help with presenting them in a coherent manner. While each insight can individually be exported as image to be shared down the product development pipeline, It also becomes part of the case-study report.

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