Note: We've enhanced the case-study report quite a bit since this article was published. Check it out here.

UserBit case-study report has just been revamped to improve stability and features. Let's explore the various features in this article:

Why case-study reports?

There are a few reasons why we thought a shareable overall project report is important. The norm with user research is to share findings or actionable insights with our stakeholders. While this may suffice in some cases, it hardly ever gives stakeholders a full picture of how we came to the given conclusions. Also, it hides all the hard work that actually goes into research behind visibly small nuggets of insights. We are proud to have a product that allows researchers to showcase all of their work and thought process, not just the end result.

Another reason why these case-study reports are valuable is that they allow researchers to develop their own portfolio. Most UX pros are not visual designers or graphics artists, yet most of the portfolio services out there cater only to flashy bits of the UX process - slick animations, high fidelity mockups, etc. The bulk of the problem solving happens in research phase and being able to show-case this process often requires researchers to manually and painstakingly create case-studies and put it up on custom websites. We needed to provide a way to solve this problem.

Case-studies on UserBit

To generate a case-study out of your project, just click the report button in project summary:

case-study button on UserBit
Generate a case-study of your research project with one click

This will take you to the report section. Here you can customize your case-study or generate a public link to share it.

Case-study section on UserBit
case-study section on UserBit

Customize report

You can choose exactly which parts of the project you want to expose in the report. From the menu select "edit".

customize case-study report
Customize case-study report

The resulting modal can be used to control which parts of the project are visible to the viewer.

Share report

You can share a report by creating a shareable public link. You can share the link with anyone you want, they don't need an account on UserBit to see your report.

share modal on UserBit
Share modal lets you create a public link to the report

Keep in mind though, that anyone with the link will have access to your report. You can revoke the public link anytime you want by clicking 'revoke link access'.

Grouped Insights [new]

Grouped insights now appear in their respective groups in the report. So you can show them in context as you have organized them in your project.

Mobile Optimized

The generated report is mobile optimized for stakeholders to be able to view the report on any device.

Here's a sample report if you want to see it in action.

We hope you find the case-study report feature as exciting and valuable as we do. Reports are also available on the free plan, so you can test it out now.