At UserBit we spend a lot of time building the right tools so you can analyze UX research data quickly and efficiently. But where the data comes from is just as important as the research itself. A large majority of the research insights come from user interviews, diary studies and usability tests. Recruiting participants for user research can be a pain so we have compiled a list of companies that can help facilitate it for you.

1. Respondent

price: incentive + 35% service fee
turnaround time: 3 days

Respondent is probably the most popular research participant recruitment service. They verify participants via publicly available data and allow users to phone screen participants.

Much like User Interviews, they also offer a management portal where you can organize candidates, manage schedules and send invites.

2. Ethnio

price: $79 for 500 responses per month, 179 for 1000 responses per month, $349 for 2000 per month

Ethnio's pricing model is based on the number of responses you get per month rather than actual participants. Responses here means potential candidates filling out screeners and submitting.

Their platform helps you manage participants, track interviews, and manage incentives (via amazon). If you have your own recruiting agency, you can give them access to your ethnio platform as well and they can leverage/manage the platform. Their offerings are quite comprehensive and even include email tracking.

3. User Interviews

price: $30 / consumer participant, $70 / professional participant
turnaround time: first candidate within 13 hours

User Interviews offers a straightforward pricing plan both for recruitment and management of research participants. On their platform you can define your criteria, build your screener survey, and approve candidates in real time.

You can message and communicate with participants, maintain schedule and even manage incentives (amazon gift cards) right through the app.

4. Validately

price: $15 per participant (unmoderated), $150 per participant (moderated)
turnaround time: 5 days

Validately sources, schedules, perform confirmations, backfill extra testers, and manage incentive payments.

While more expensive than the other platforms, Validately's real value seems to be the moderated sessions where you can set up screener questions and they will recruit for moderated studies in 5 business days. Their platform for moderated study features screen sharing, note taking, clip creation and video sharing. Stakeholders can join live sessions as observers and collaborators can take time-stamped notes.

5. Testing Time

price: Diary study – $ 23+ per test user, User test – $ 57+ per user
turnaround time: 48 hours

If you are in Europe, you might want to look into TestingTime. Their pricing is a bit more complex as they charge extra for various participant criteria. Demographic criteria like age, gender etc. will set you back an extra ~$7 / participant while special criteria like "shops online twice a month" will add Β ~$11 / participant. Β They offer an online calculator to help you estimate your cost.

They have a more comprehensive criteria filter and coordinate/schedule on your behalf. They replace no-shows free of charge and handle incentives via PayPal.

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