Note: This is an older post. We have added a lot of functionality and enhancements since this post was published. The screenshots and features mentioned here may not reflect the current state of the app.

UserBit is growing fast and we are happily working our butts off to keep up with the growing beta community. We had an incredible beta launch on Product Hunt at the beginning of the month (February 05, 2019) which brought a lot of new perspective on board. Needless to say, we have learned a ton in the last few weeks and are working non-stop to incorporate the feedback into UserBit. There are a few major changes with this new release so let’s go over them


In this release, we are introducing a powerful text analysis feature — Tags. You can tag users, stakeholders, notes & feedback(coming soon) and any text that you have recorded in the interview.

Simply highlight the text and either select an existing tag from the menu or create a new one on the fly.

Keep your tags organized

UserBit also lets you organize your tags into categories. This not only serves to help with information architecture but also will be key in analytics as we add more features in the coming weeks.


And of course, all the tagging needs to be analyzed to get answers and discover patterns within your data. We have built the analytics section specifically for this. You can filter the tag highlight frequency with respect to a user tag or a combination of user tags. Want to know the biggest pain points for customers that are in teams of 10 people or bigger? UserBit has got your back!

There’s also a small demo video to showcase the functionality which you can watch if you have 2 minutes —

Simplified Sidebar Navigation

We have also simplified the sidebar navigation to make things a little more intuitive.

The synthesis (qualitative affinity diagram) for interviews has now been moved inside the interview section.

UserBit will soon accommodate more forms of research data than just interviews and this navigation hierarchy will work for that as well.

The new navigation also allows you to quickly get to tags and analytics from anywhere in the app, which is handy when you are synthesizing your data.

In addition, we have also added a bunch of performance related upgrades and bug fixes. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to me directly or to the support team — and we’ll address it right away!

Once again, a huge thank you for all your valuable feedback, messages, criticism and especially for your patience! It is helping us improve UserBit every day.