Our latest update allows researchers to quickly tag paragraphs, or sentences in their research notes without ever leaving the keyboard.

Quick tagging research data on UserBit using keyboard shortcuts
Quick tagging research data using keyboard shortcuts

Type '#' at the end of any sentence or paragraph to automatically select the last paragraph and bring up the tag menu.

Tag Menu

Tag menu itself is entirely navigable via the keyboard.

Ability to tag text content within notes
Tagging content within notes and interview responses.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • select some text then hit ⇥ (tab) to enter the tagger panel.
  • Press ⬆⬇ (arrow keys) to navigate the tag list.
  • Press ⌫ (backspace) to go back to the last screen.
  • Press ⌫ (backspace) or esc key to exit the tagger.
  • Press alt + enter on the search field, to create new tags.

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