We are announcing an exciting and useful module today as part of UserBit's UX research platform - Survey Data Module.

Read a detailed guide to analyzing survey data on UserBit here.

At UserBit, even though our focus so far has been on active data collection methods like interviews, we have always recognized the significance of surveys in UX research. Moreover, after observing the usage patterns of the various teams on our platform, it was high time we provided a module specifically for organizing and analyzing survey data.

Enable survey data module for your existing projects

Enable survey module on UserBit
Enable survey module on UserBit

If you'd like to add the survey module to your existing projects, enable the module from the edit project modal's Project Modules tab.

Uploading survey data

Upload survey data to UserBit
Upload survey data to UserBit

Survey data should be uploaded as CSV files. The format of the CSV files is key here, but if you export your survey data as CSV from Google Forms or Typeform it should already be in the required format.

required CSV format for survey data on UserBit
The required format for CSV files to properly process survey data on UserBit

This module is built to handle large amounts of data which means once your upload begins, it will continue processing data in the background. You don't have to stay on the progress page. An email will be sent to you to let you know when the processing of your file is complete.

You can check the progress anytime by coming back to the survey page.

Analyzing survey data

Survey module features all the powerful analysis tools that you have been leveraging for interview module!

Segment tags

Just like interview participants, survey participants can be tagged with segment tags.

Adding segment tags to survey participants
Adding segment tags to survey participants

Response tags

Survey responses are assumed to be short so instead of the overhead of highlighting, response tags allow you to quickly add tags to responses.

adding tags to survey responses
Adding tags to survey responses

Bar chart and Word cloud for cross-case analysis

Cross-case charts for survey questions on UserBit
Cross-case charts for survey questions on UserBit

You can not only bubble up important themes via a word cloud of response text much like the interview module, but also leverage a frequency bar chart of responses for your analysis.

Finally, some logistics

Survey module is on a brand new robust infrastructure, therefore it is currently in Beta. It is available for all paid plans. However, Individual and Team plans are restricted to 1 survey per project whereas Agency and Enterprise clients can add multiple surveys per project.

Note: Survey module is on a new infrastructure that is not compatible with legacy plans.

No more painfully trying to fit surveys into interview modules! Survey module will make adding your survey data into UserBit a breeze. Try it out.