For UX and product teams, sharing and communicating their deliverables is just as important as the process itself. But while sharing tangible end products of these workflows (like mockups or prototypes) are easy, socializing the research process and findings have always been a struggle.

At UserBit, we are obsessed with making researchers' lives easier. It is no surprise then, that we have developed a number of features that allow teams to share not just the end result, but also their process of getting to the design opportunities from raw data. Let's dive into some of the ways you can share your work with your stakeholders.

Project Report

Customize your research project report on UserBit
Customize your research project report on UserBit

UserBit automatically generates a project report of your research project. The report feature allows you to share research data (interviews, notes, personas) and insights directly with your stakeholders via an unguessable link. These reports are mobile-friendly and your stakeholders will not need an account on UserBit to view them.

You can even customize the report format by laying out content however you like, adding custom section headers, and more.

Just like the research report, you can also share any of the other deliverables you create on UserBit via generated links. A few things to remember about these links:

  • Generated shareable links are un-guessable which means only people who directly have access to the link can view your shared asset.
  • Stakeholders you share the link with, do not need an account on UserBit to access the shared asset.
  • Links are revokable which means you can revoke link access at any time you want. Once a link is revoked, viewers visiting the link will see a 'forbidden access' message.

Journey Maps

You can now share journey maps you create on UserBit with your stakeholders via a link as well. This means that the stakeholders do not need an account on UserBit to view them.

If the journey map is associated with a persona, stakeholders can also view the persona by clicking on it.

View shared journey map
View personas associated with shared journey map

User Flow Diagrams

Just like the journey maps, flow diagrams you create on UserBit can also be shared externally by generating a shareable link. The flow diagrams are mobile-friendly and stakeholders can view the data associated with each node by clicking on them.


You might have noticed that user personas can also be shared as part of the project report. We recommend you use the report when it makes sense to share personas along with relevant research insights. However, sometimes you might want to just share the persona itself with other teams or stakeholders. In such cases, you have this handy feature to share via a generated link.

Visual Sitemaps

And... you guessed it! Just like the other deliverables, any visual sitemap you create on UserBit can also be shared via a generated, unguessable, revokable link.

Stakeholders can see details of each node by clicking on it.

View details of a shared sitemap by clicking on the nodes
View details of a shared sitemap by clicking on the nodes

Download your research to share offline

In addition to sharing your research and deliverables via links, UserBit research modules allow you to download pretty much any part of your research to share with your stakeholders however you wish.

You can read more about exporting data out of UserBit here.