UX researchers on UserBit can now bubble up important themes and insights more easily via tag correlation charts.

 Tag correlation tab on Analytics dashboard
The new tag correlation tab on Analytics

There are two forms of tag correlation that you can currently generate on UserBit analytics dashboard:

Highlight tags vs. Segment tags

This heat-map can help you quickly visualize how tags relate to various user segments within your research project

highlight tags correlation with user segments on UserBit
Highlight tag correlation with user segments

In the example above, you can quickly identify that the most frequent feature requests for suburban users is simplicity of the app and the ability to create private groups.

Correlation between highlight tags

An even more elusive insight in user research can be derived by examining what behavioral tags appear with each other most often. Here's an example:

Correlation between highlight tags on UserBit
Correlation between highlight tags on UserBit

In this example, one can quickly identify that our users that asked for simplified screens are also the ones most worried about accuracy of the calorie tracker app. This gives us a valuable window into what issue complex designs are creating for our users.

Add correlation charts as insights

Just like other analytics charts, you can add correlation charts as insight cards as well!

Correlation charts can be saved as insights
Correlation charts can be saved as insights

Together, these correlation charts provide a powerful upgrade to the analytics dashboard on UserBit. Start using them for your research projects today and get to design opportunities even quicker.