At UserBit, what we learn from our customers and partners is what drives our product development. The Interview module on the platform has long been a powerful tool for our UX researchers and your usage has helped us understand how we can improve it further. Over the last few weeks, we have been busy rebuilding the interview module experience from scratch and have added a ton of new features to help make your workflow even more intuitive.

A simpler, more flexible participant manager.

UX research participant manager on UserBit
New UX research participant manager on UserBit.

We have decoupled interviews from participants completely and simplified the lists. You can now maintain your research participants and stakeholders in a table with sortable/filterable columns.

Research participant profile on UserBit
Participant profile shows you all research data associated with the person in one place.

Clicking on one of the participant row, will bring you to the participant profile page. Here you can see all data associated with the participant in one place. You can even add new interviews or notes for the participants straight from here.

A more powerful interview manager.

User & stakeholder interview manager on UserBit
User & stakeholder interview manager on UserBit

Interview timeline

User interview timeline on UserBit
Interview timeline to quickly see the ones that are scheduled.

An interview timeline now lets you quickly browse through the history of, or upcoming interviews that are being conducted within this project.

Interview groups

User & stakeholder interview groups on UserBit
User & stakeholder interview groups on UserBit

Interview groups allow you to organize your interviews into logical groups, each with its own set of interview questions.

New Features

  • Multiple interview per participant is now possible within the same project.
  • Questions can be managed per interview. This means that each interview can have a different set of questions.
  • Same participant can be interviewed in separate groups.
  • Export now exports interview data by groups.

Try out the new interview module on UserBit today!