Personas are a cornerstone tool for user-centered research workflow. At UserBit, we've offered the persona module since the very first day because we recognize their importance when it comes to planning your road map and putting a perspective around your insights.

We just did a complete overhaul of the Persona module and added a lot of features to make it even more powerful. Let's take a tour of the new features.

Drag and drop to change persona layout.

Drag & drop persona sections on UserBit
Drag & drop sections on Persona to re-organize layout

You can now re-organize your persona layout any way you like. Simply drag the sections around and drop them where it makes sense. The sections are responsive and will adapt to the column size.

Add / remove sections from your personas

Add new sections to Personas on UserBit
Add new sections to your UserBit persona

A much requested feature is now available - you can now add new sections to your personas or remove unwanted ones. Currently you can add the following dynamic sections:

  • Text Block - Formatted text like the Bio section.
  • List - bullet point lists like Goals or Frustration sections.
  • Tags - a collection of words or attributes like Attributes section.
  • Key-value pairs - like the demographics section.

We will expand this list to add more types of sections in the near future but we're very excited to finally be able to offer this powerful enhancement to you.

Upgrading existing Personas

Your existing personas can easily be upgraded to the new version by clicking the upgrade button on the top:

Easily upgrade existing personas into new format
Upgrade existing personas into the new format

The new personas should flow seamlessly into your existing workflows - journey maps, case-study reports, pdf/image exports etc. Remember, you can also save a group of segment tags as a persona.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started today!