As the number of interview participants grows within a project, it is important to be able to organize them. Moreover, the questions we might want to ask one group of users/stakeholders, may not apply to another. In order to cater to these, we have revamped user group feature to make it more intuitive and usable.

Group Manager

person group manager on UserBit
Person group manager on UserBit

A collapsible group manager panel now shows up as part of the stakeholder/user interview modules. The manager can be used to create, edit or delete groups. Once done organizing your groups, you can collapse the manager away. Collapsed state will be remembered for the entirety of your session.

Move participants between groups

move interview participants between groups on UserBit
Move interview participants between groups

You can organize participants by moving them between your groups. Each participant can only exist in one group. Clicking on "All stakehoders/Users" will show you all interview participants in the project.

Add / Import questions

add or import questions on UserBit
Add or import questions into your group

By default, each group can have its own set of questions. New questions can be added directly into the group, or can be copied over from another group.

Clicking on import questions will let you copy over existing questions from another groups. Same questions can exist in multiple groups at the same time.

interview participant groups on UserBit
Interview participant groups in action on UserBit

Get organized with your interviews on UserBit today!