You asked and we delivered! Having a Journey mapping module was one of the most frequent requests from our customers and for good reason. Journey maps help you visualize and understand your users' process as they accomplish their goals.

Journey Map Features

Phases and action outline

Phases and outline

Create high level phases that span over many actions, drag and drop action outline steps to re-order your journey.

Use text lanes to add more details to each action step. Text lanes allow for rich text editing so you can use anything from clickable links, lists or formatted text.

Storyboard Lanes

Storyboard Lane

Storyboard lanes allow you to add images to give more depth to your action steps. Use it to upload images for each step or add images from web links directly.

Emotional Graph

Experience lane on UserBit
Experience Lane

Visualize how your users feel at each step by adding an experience lane. Make it easy for your team to quickly identify steps that have potential opportunities for making the experience better.

Sample Journey Map
Sample Journey Map

We are very excited to have Journey Maps Module now available as part of the UserBit research suite and would love to hear from you! Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Start visualizing your User Journeys today!