Keeping your workspace and projects organized is one of the biggest pain points of UX research. We have rolled out several improvements to our project management feature to help you stay neat.

Project Groups

Project groups existed in UserBit for a while, but usability wise it wasn't very intuitive to use. We have now brought them to the forefront. They will be visible right on the home page and you can cycle through each group simply by clicking on them.

Project groups on UserBit
Project groups on UserBit

You have the ability to filter, edit, delete or add new project groups right from the group manager.

project group management on UserBit
Edit, delete, filter or add new groups

You can easily re-order your project groups by dragging groups in the right position.

re-order project groups on UserBit
Easily re-order groups on UserBit

In addition, you can also drag and drop your projects into groups to quickly organize them!

Organizing projects on UserBit by dragging them
Drag projects into groups to organize them

This improvement should make project management much more intuitive and helpful. Get organized on UserBit Today!