This update addresses a pain point with auto-tagging on UserBit. Our researchers with multiple large survey data in their projects had to run auto-tags on all surveys at once which was resulting in a lot of redundant processing and longer execution time.

With our most recent release, researchers on the platform can pick and choose exactly which survey they want the UserBit auto-tag to run through.

Auto-tag modal on UserBit
Select which surveys to auto-tag on UserBit

An added benefit of this is that researchers can now tag the same phrase in different surveys with different tags. For example, let's say you had multiple NPS surveys (survey A and B) in a project. Each one of them likely has a numerical score, but you only wanted to only tag Survey A for all occurrences of the score "5", you can do that now by selecting only survey A for auto tagging.

Try it out today on UserBit!