Good news, everyone 🚀! Our Agency Plan now allows you to use your own branding on exports and case study reports. You can access your brand assets by going to teams > branding.

Custom Branding on UserBit
Custom Branding on UserBit

Once you have uploaded your logo and brand name, your brand attribution will appear in various UserBit exports. Specifically, here is a list of assets where your brand attribution will show up:

Case-study report

Brand attribution on case-study report

On case-study reports, your brand would appear on the top navbar as well as each of the section cover pages.

Self-interview pages

Self-interview screen on UserBit
Custom brand attribution on self-interview pages

On self-interview pages the brand would appear on the top navbar.

Insight cards

Insight cards on UserBit
Brand attribution on insight cards

On insight cards, your brand attributions would show up on the bottom right corner.

In addition, persona, sitemap and journey map exports each will also feature your brand attribution on the top right corner.

Persona export

Brand attribution on persona on UserBit
Brand attribution on Persona

Journey map export

Custom brand on Journey map export
Brand attribution on Journey map export

Sitemap export

Brand attribution on sitemap exports
Brand attribution on sitemap export

In addition, if you're on the agency plan and don't upload your own branding, your assets and exports will be white labelled.

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