The notes and media section on UserBit is a place where you store free-form research data. The section allows you to upload and organize observations, feedback, audio or video files associated with your UX research. Until now, the relationship between notes and participants were maintained via segment tags. There was no way to explicitly define a direct link between notes and research participants.

With our latest update, you can now link your notes directly with participants.

Attach notes to research participants on UserBit
Attach notes to research participants

In the background this establishes a one-way sync between participants and notes. Any segment tag added to participant will now also be added to the note. On the other hand, additional segment tags can be added/removed from notes without affecting the linked participant.

Removing a previously established link is just as straight forward. Just click on the detach button next to the participant name:

Remove link between research participant and notes
Remove link between research participant and notes

All notes linked to a participant will be available as a special folder in research & notes section:

Participant notes folder on UserBit
Participant notes folder

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