We've just rewritten the collaborative engine behind UserBit's editor. What this means is that our latest update allows you and your teammates to take research notes together reliably without missing a beat!

Enhanced collaborative note taking on UserBit
Enhanced collaborative note taking on UserBit

Whether you are noting down responses from user interviews or collaborating over research documents and files, UserBit's new updated editor will help you work together with your team.

If you're working with multiple people on the same document, special indicators will let you know exactly where your teammates are typing within the document.

Collab indicators on UserBit editors show where teammates are typing
Working on the same document with your teammates is easier than ever

You can add images, tag contents and add comments all in real time and our algorithms will make sure none of your changes are lost even if you're typing on the same line. This was technically one of the most challenging updates to the editor so we're really excited to roll it out!