Tagging and coding research data is the most painstaking task in a UX researcher's day (other than explaining to family and friends what we actually do for a living). Exciting news, fellow researchers! We have enhanced the UserBit platform with a feature that will help you save a ton of time and effort.

TLDR; - Watch this video about auto-tagging:

Leveraging auto-tagging in UserBit to code data quickly

You can now automatically tag text data across your entire research project based on key words or phrases. Yes! stakeholder interviews, user interviews, notes & media, and even survey data. Here's how:

Step 1: For a given tag, click on "Run auto-tag" button

Run auto-tagging on UserBit
Run auto-tagging on UserBit 

Here, you can select exactly what data set in the project you want to tag.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Interviews
  • Notes & Media
  • Survey Data

Also, fill out the key words or phrases you want UserBit to look for. In this case, we want to tag any content that contains the words weight, diet, or nutrition.

That's it, start the run!

Step 2: Get yourself some coffee or tea ☕, while UserBit does the work for you

Auto-tag processing on UserBit
Auto-tag processing on UserBit

The auto-tagging system will work in the background to go through all your selected data sets and automatically highlights the relevant content.

While the system is working, it'll keep you notified of the progress via the run status bar on top. We know it's mesmerizing to watch the progress, but feel free to navigate away from the page or even log off, this won't interrupt the processing. Once tagging is complete, we'll send you an email to let you know.

highlights created via auto-tag
highlights created via auto-tag

When you log back in, you'll have the relevant highlights ready for you to review. The auto-tagging system highlights your data just like you would. You can take a look at the highlight in context, by clicking on them:

Oops, did you make a mistake?

Don't worry! The auto-tagging can be undone just as easily as it was created.

Undo auto-tagging on UserBit
Undo auto-tagging on UserBit

Just hit undo on a given auto-tag run and it'll take care of removing all the highlights that were created by it. Highlights that you created manually or via a different auto-tagging run, remain untouched.


  • Auto-tagging is smart enough to not highlight content that is already tagged with the current tag. So running the same run twice does not re-tag the content.
  • You can have multiple auto-tag runs on the same tag!
  • Auto-tagging is only available on our Agency and Enterprise plans.

UserBit - the best user research platform just got even better!