The most prominent method of active data collection in UX research is via interviews. At UserBit, not only have stakeholder and user interview modules been integral to the platform from day one, we are constantly working on improving these modules both in terms of usability and performance.

Interview Module on UserBit
New Interview Module on UserBit

Keeping with that theme, we have just rolled out a major upgrade to our interview module. In this post, we'll go over some of the powerful features you can now leverage as you interview your users or stakeholders.

Segment tag bar for the interview participant

segment tagger on UserBit
Segment tagger for interview participants

The segment tag bar allows you to categorize your interview participants. Much like the older version the tag bar allows you to quickly select a pre-existing user segment tag or create a new one on the fly. Adding segment tags to your users is really useful in breaking up analytics to better understand your user cohorts.

Instant filter for interview questions

Filter questions in UserBit interview module
Filter questions to quickly jump to the relevant one

The new interview module features an instant filter for questions panel which allows you to quickly narrow down on the questions you want to focus on.

Questions panel

Questions panel on interview module of UserBit
Questions panel on interview module

The brand new questions panel lets you easily scroll through or filter your interview questions. Questions also clearly indicate whether they have been answered or not with a green checkmark.

Answer Panel

Interview answer panel on UserBit
Answer panel on interview module

The answer panel on interview module now has ample real estate to allow you to not only focus on the question that is currently being answered, but also be as comprehensive as you'd like to capture thorough qualitative responses. As before, this section also allows you to synthesize the responses by highlighting the text and tagging them.

Add question

Add question button on UserBit interview module
Add question during an interview

If during the course of an interview, you come across a question that you think needs to be added to the interview template, you can simply click on the add question button at the bottom of the question panel. This will allow you to either add a completely new question or (if you're in a group) import questions from the main question bank.

Ability to jump directly to the relevant response

Jump directly to interview responses on UserBit
Jump directly to the relevant response from tags, highlights, insights, etc.

You now also have the ability to jump directly to the relevant user response from by clicking on a given highlight or insight!

We've also made several other performance improvements behind the scenes that will come in handy as you work on bigger and more ambitious projects.

Checkout the new interview module on UserBit today!